The Master's Table

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        • Made popular by the very talented Christian singing artist, The Booth Brothers, this song emphasizes spending daily time in the Word of God.

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        • The Master's Table
          Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
          © Copyright 2004 Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

          I feast at the Master’s table.
          I dine on holy bread.
          Grace invites me to partake there
          where my longing soul is fed.
          His Word my daily portion.
          His truth my heart’s delight.
          I feast at the Master’s table,
          and He my hunger satisfies.

          There’s a banquet spread before me
          that Jesus has prepared.
          When I open up the Scriptures
          He always meets me there,< br /> and we fellowship together.
          As I read, His Spirit guides,
          giving strength that will sustain me
          and a hope that will abide.
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  • Soundtrack | Key of C Same sound track as featured in the above demo video (without any vocals). Also, includes a PDF copy of the lyric and an additional mp3 of the featured demo.
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