The story behind the song "His Life For Mine"

Songwriter Rebecca J. Peck recalls the writing of the song "His Life For Mine" ...

My favorite hymn is “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” Sometimes I like to think about it line by line and really soak in what it’s saying. It’s an inexhaustible theme. While reflecting on this one day, I began to veer off from the hymn a little bit in my thinking about the transaction that was made on the cross. We usually think about all that Christ gave us through redemption but forget to think about all that we put upon Him when He actually “became sin” for us. We gained everything, while He took all of the horrible consequences of the fall on Him. It was the ultimate one-sided deal. I wrote the first verse and part of the second verse first, and didn’t have the title of the song or the chorus or the bridge. We went to do some mowing on a piece of property we owned at the time, and while my husband was mowing, I finished all but the bridge in the cab of the pick up truck. Then the bridge came when we got home. I’ve heard a lot of testimonies of how the Lord has used the song all over the world. It never ceases to amaze me that He can work with so little to accomplish so much.

Rebecca J. Peck

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