Make a payment - Lyric Usage Permission

Are you projecting lyrics on a screen or printing out the lyrics to handout at your church? If your church does not have a CCLI license, the pricing for songs owned or co-owned by Peck Music is $25.00 per song per five-year period. If your church does have a CCLI license, please make sure you list our songs in your regular CCLI reporting. 

If your church does not have the proper CCLI license, click one of the below payment method links:

After clicking one of the below payment method links, please note the song title and songwriter information (if available) in the "Payment for" area. Also, please include a brief detail on the type of use.

Please do not pay us for a song that is not owned by Peck Music ... ALL payments are non-refundable. Keep in mind, this permission/payment only covers Peck Music's portion. If the song is co-owned, you will need to contact the other owner(s). Our pricing in not pro-rated base on ownership percentage. 

Click here to pay with Credit / Debit card.
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