The story behind the song "There Is Hope"

One night, several years ago I sat down at the piano to work on a few songs. Everyone else in the house was asleep and I could finally focus. As I quietly played and sang, I realized that my heart just wasn't in the fun melodies I was trying to complete. My mind wandered..

A few weeks earlier, we had gotten word that a dear friend of ours had been given bad news. Her second-born son had a brain tumor. It was cancer. Her oldest son had died only a short time before in a tragic car accident. These were her only two children. I shuddered in horror, imagining her pain.

Next, my thoughts drifted to a family whose son had left his wife and children. He was raised in church, taught what was right, but walked away from it all. His father's words resounded in my head, "I believe one day he will come home".

My own uncle had been the picture of success. He climbed the corporate ladder, had a beautiful family, lots of fine things and an ugly drug addiction. It led him down a path of destruction. During his final years, his speech was often slurred and there were holes in his designer shoes. When he was a young boy he sensed God calling him to preach. He ran from that call till the day he died.

When pondering these stories and others, I prayed, "Lord, what would you have me write ?" I actually scooted over on the piano bench to welcome Him. The words and melody for "There Is Hope" flowed as if I had played it countless times before.
I've often said "that night, I sat down to write a song but Jesus showed up and wrote one for me".

There is no sorrow, disease, trial, or sin that is greater than God's ability to heal. His love abounds and waits at the end of every crooked road. His arms are outstretched to offer us a safe place. The matter is settled: because of His sacrifice, there is hope.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a future.

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Amber Maxwell, songwriter


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