Soundtrack - Audio CD (physical) – All 12 keys

Soundtrack - Audio CD (physical) – All 12 keys

Soundtrack (aka: Accompaniment Track)

This physical audio CD (compact disc) ships via regular U.S. Mail.

This is the same soundtrack as featured in the demo video (without any vocals).

There are 12 separate recordings of this soundtrack on the CD. The track has been recorded in all 12 keys of the musical scale.

The CD also includes an additional audio recording of the reference demonstration (vocal demo).

A copy of the lyric is included.

Why all 12 keys?
There are 12 total keys on the musical scale. A soundtrack in just three keys means you only have a 25% chance of getting the key that best fits your voice. With all 12 keys, there’s a 100% chance of getting the best key for your voice.