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  • At The Name Of Jesus
    Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck and Logan Peck
    © Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

    Verse 1
    It's been whispered at the bedside
    when a loved one said goodbye.
    It's been sung by kids in Sunday school
    as wonder filled their eyes.
    It's been trampled on by scorners, cherished by the saints,
    but only through its power
    can hopeless souls be saved.

    At the name of Jesus
    kings lay down their crowns.
    At the name of Jesus
    ev'ry knee will bow
    before the Lord of Heaven,
    the Lamb that was slain,
    proclaiming He is worthy of praise.
    At the name, at the name of Jesus.

    Verse 2
    It's been carried 'cross the oceans
    to the ones who've never heard,
    spoken by the martyrs
    in their precious dying words,
    denied by His disciples
    and taken in vain,
    but the mighty name of Jesus
    forever will remain!

    There is glory, authority,
    majesty, and grace
    in the name above all names!
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