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Broken In Two - sheet music - Digitally Delivered PDF

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Broken In Two
Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
© Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

Verse I
You are my Son,
God's chosen One,
Yet here You hang on a tree.
I know that You were sent
To save the world, and yet,
I weep that this is how it must be.

Your little hands that I held so tight
With nails are being torn.
Your precious head I kissed each night
Now wears a crown of thorns.
I watch the soldier pierce Your side,
And a part of me has died
Along with You.
As Your body is broken,
My heart is broken in two.

Verse II
Sweet baby Boy,
My greatest joy,
I held You close within my arms.
Now You must fulfill
Your Father's perfect will,
But if I could, I'd guard You from this harm.

My soul has known such gladness
That I was chosen from the start
To be Your mother when I was just a girl,
But now the depth of my sadness
Is breaking my heart
As I watch You bear the sins of the whole world.


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