Cross Of Grace - full instrumentation soundtrack - digitally delivered product

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        • Made popular by the very talented Christian singing artist, The Kingsmen.

          This is a digitally delivered product. It is available in a number of different keys. Please use our sing-along Key Finder to get the key that best fits your vocal range. Keep in mind that the key listed is the key of the vocalist, the intro might be in a different key that is not listed. The price per unit ordered includes the digital copy and permission to make one physical copy.

        • "Cross Of Grace"
          Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
          © Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

          Verse 1
          There is healing for your pain.
          There’s forgiveness for your sin.
          There’s a Savior who remains.
          There is hope where life begins.

          Cross of grace, saving place,
          see the face of mercy.
          Matchless love, cleansing blood,
          God’s own Son so worthy
          of our praise.
          Go to the cross of grace.

          Verse 2
          There is freedom from your past.
          There is peace to calm your heart.
          There’s salvation if you ask.
          There is joy where it all starts.

          Bring your shame,
          kneel in prayer,
          call His name,
          and leave it there.
  • Three keys D-E and F-G and Ab-Bb Click green information icon for details.
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