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  • God Can Still Turn It Around
    Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck, Nathan Newell, & Leah R. Lowrance
    © Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

    Verse 1
    Nothing left that you can say or do.
    You've reached the end of the hope you held on to.
    At the point of desperation,
    it looks like there's no way,
    but you can never be too broken,
    and I know it's not too late.

    God can still turn it around.
    He can hear your heart cry out
    Maybe you can't see, oh, but I believe
    He's movin' right now.
    God can still turn it around.
    God can still turn it around.

    Verse 2
    You wonder how it ever got this far.
    You never dreamed your world would fall apart,
    but the circumstance you're facing
    didn't take Him by surprise.
    He's faithful, and He's able
    to change the course of your life.

    He makes mountains move.
    He heals, and He saves.
    He delights in the impossible
    and He rolls stones away.

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