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Just Preach It - sheet music - Digitally Delivered PDF

* Sheet Music (immediate downloadable PDF)

  • Made popular by the very talented Christian singing artist, The Kingdom Heirs

    This is a digitally delivered product. It is available in a number of different keys. Please use our sing-along Key Finder to get the key that best fits your vocal range. Keep in mind that the key listed is the key of the vocalist, the intro might be in a different key that is not listed.

  • Just Preach It
    Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck and Dianne Wilkinson
    © Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI) and Christian Taylor Music (BMI)

    Verse 1
    He was meek and He was gentle
    A shepherd to His lambs
    He was kind and He was humble
    There was love in the touch of His hands
    But those hands turned over the tables
    He was bold when He told about sin
    And He said one night to religious Nicodemus
    You must be born again

    So preach it the way He preached it
    Call it the way He sees it
    How can the world find mercy
    Until they know they need it
    With burdened hearts who see a dying world
    And long to reach it
    Speak the truth in love and in the Spirit’s pow’r
    Just preach it

    Verse 2
    How can we have compassion
    And not warn of the wrath ahead
    Or tell of sweet salvation
    Without calling the lost to repent
    Christ healed them and He blessed them
    To reveal what they needed the most
    It was how they could be justified and redeemed
    Through the grace He came to show

    Have courage men of God
    In these dark and final days
    To tell the truth as Jesus did
    Even though the doubters
    Try to challenge what you say