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Not As Others - sheet music - Digitally Delivered PDF

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Not As Others
Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
© Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

Verse 1
In the valley of the shadow
when death breaks our heart,
we feel the weight of sorrow
as our world falls apart,
but though we weep, we still believe
in the promise of Christ.
Our faith in Him is the confidence
Of everlasting life.

So we grieve, but not as others who have no hope.
We cry, but deep inside of us we know
the grave is not the end.
Reunion lies ahead.
In the arms of Jesus there is comfort.
Yes, we grieve, but not as others.

Verse 2
When the tears are never-ending
and nights are so long,
we hold on to the mem’ries
and pray to carry on,
but in the pain, we find a grace
only God can give.
Death has no sting or victory
because our Savior lives.


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