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The Kiss of God - sheet music - Digitally Delivered PDF

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The Kiss Of God
Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
© Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

Verse 1
She stands in the doorway,
Listening to the quiet,
Looking at the faces
Of her children fast asleep.
She hopes that her memory
Will hold on to this moment,
Along with half a million others
That she always wants to keep.

This is a blessing of the best kind,
A miracle indeed,
And the thought of it
Just makes her stand in awe,
For she knows that to be given
A child to love and lead
Is to feel
The kiss of God.

Verse 2
Some days are not easy,
And she runs short on answers,
But the love she knows is greater
Than any fear that may arise.
She’s never heard music
Sweeter than her children’s laughter,
d she sees a glimpse of heaven
When she looks into their eyes.

One day on wings of love she gives them
They’ll soar on the wind,
And she’ll smile to know she has
A little less a child
And more a friend


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