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  • Wildflower
    Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
    © Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

    Verse 1
    It seemed the other little girls
    were the center of their daddy’s world,
    like roses in a garden, cherished and adored,
    and deep inside her fragile heart,
    she longed to feel the caring arms
    of a dad who walked away when she was born.
    She never had that kind of love,
    so when she thought of the Father above,
    He was someone she found hard to get to know,
    yet through the years He was shaping her
    to be as beautiful as the roses were.
    She was a wildflower only He could grow.

    And, oh, how the Heavenly Father
    tends the wildflowers.
    With His gentle touch
    He raises them up,
    longing for them all to see
    how special he created them to be
    and that He is worthy of their trust.

    Verse 2
    It took some time for her to learn
    that He will not abandon her.
    He holds her forever as a precious child of grace,
    designed before the world began
    to grow and bloom within His plan,
    and she finally feels at home in His embrace,
    but on that same familiar ground
    other wildflowers struggle with doubt,
    wondering if the Father’s love abides,
    and all the while He showers them
    with faithful goodness that never ends.
    They are wanted and treasured in His sight.

  • Sound Track | Key of E-F# Same sound track as featured in the above demo video (without any vocals). Also, includes a PDF copy of the lyric and an additional mp3 of the featured demo.
    $ 15.00
  • Audio Recording by Rebecca Peck This audio recording is immediately available as an mp3 download. This is the same audio as featured in the above demo video.
    $ 1.49