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Your Faithful Word - sheet music - Digitally Delivered PDF

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Your Faithful Word
Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck
© Copyright Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

Verse 1
Your word, O Lord,
is settled now in Heaven.
It cannot fail though time will pass away.
The flower fades.
The grass will surely whither,
but we can trust each promise You have made.

Your faithful word,
Your faithful word,
though it’s been tried by fire, it’s standing sure.
Preserved through the ages
to evermore endure,
and we believe Your faithful word.

Verse 2
Our guiding light,
the source of truth and wisdom,
it sanctifies and will not go forth void,
Lord, ev’ry page
Is perfect, pure and changeless,
the sword of pow’r that Hell cannot destroy

We hide it in our hearts forever.
It’s anchored in our souls,
triumphant over ev’ry doubt,
our confidence and hope.

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